CommunityPlus+ PHPA modest but powerful utility “stole the show” during last week’s Lunch & Learn with Alan Seiden and Paul Tuohy. Packaged with CommunityPlus+ PHP, Seiden Group’s siteadd creates an Apache HTTP instance and a FastCGI configuration customized for your needs. In seconds, you’ll be able to launch a sample PHP page to test your new web instance.

Alan demonstrated siteadd as part of a live CommunityPlus+ PHP installation. With Yum in place, it took just 3 minutes to install the entire CP+ PHP package (including Zend Framework and the PHP Toolkit) AND create and launch a new server instance using siteadd. Plus, siteadd automatically enabled the classic ibm_db2 and pdo_ibm PHP extensions. See for yourself below!

Advanced siteadd options not demoed below: Siteadd can also create multiple php .ini configurations, install from custom templates, and toggle the classic/ODBC database extensions.

Jump ahead to watch just the installation or watch the full video, including Paul’s tips on using Advanced Client Access.

Siteadd is just one of the many ways that Seiden’s CommunityPlus+ PHP streamlines the upgrade to RPM-based PHP.

For more information on running siteadd, see Automatically Configure IBM i Apache Web Server to Run PHP with Siteadd.