Free encryption for Node.js on IBM i

Let's EncryptWhen you browse a secure web site or API whose address starts with “https,” what makes the site secure? The site uses a special certificate, provided by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), to prove that it is legitimate. Until recently, IT shops had to pay for these certificates and generate them manually.

In the last few years, Let’s Encrypt has earned the thanks of technology professionals. Let’s Encrypt, a CA run for the public’s benefit, offers certificates at no charge, along with scripts to generate and regenerate certificates as needed, reducing the effort of keeping certificates up to date, and keeping sites secure.

Seiden Group’s Liam Allan has chronicled his technical journey with Let’s Encrypt, showing how he achieved the following results:

  • Generating a certificate using Let’s Encrypt with an automated script
  • Installing the certificate on an IBM i server
  • Applying the certificate, establishing secure HTTPS connectivity to a Node.js application hosted on the IBM i

Details of Liam’s journey:–lets-encrypt-on-ibm-i-ihm

At Seiden Group, we enable modernization by helping IBM i shops succeed with open source. To discuss development or training with Let’s Encrypt, Node.js, or other IBM i modernization, contact us.

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