CIO Summit Features DB2 for i Briefing with IBM’s Scott Forstie

Scott Forstie Alan Seiden

Scott Forstie (left) with Alan Seiden at a previous CIO Summit

In recent years, Db2 for i Business Architect Scott Forstie and his team have rapidly strengthened the IBM i database, improving the sophistication of its SQL query engine, and adding to its galaxy of IBM i services. What’s more, they have several years’ worth of new enhancements in the pipeline.

CIOs and IT Directors can meet Scott at the CIO Summit on March 25, 2019, Charlotte, North Carolina, for an IBM i strategy briefing.

With fewer than 20 people in the briefing room, participants can easily ask questions and delve into areas of particular interest. After the briefing, Scott will join the group for lunch to continue discussions.

According to Scott, his team works to “sand off the sharp edges of technology.” Their job is to simplify how IT executives deliver on increasingly complex business requirements that involve IBM i data.

For executives facing questions about the future of the IBM i, Scott recommends several resources. One such document is the 10-year roadmap for IBM i. More important, he can connect you to IBM executives like himself who can meet with your management to share confidential IBM strategy for IBM i.

Scott’s advice is to assume everything is possible with IBM i  if you want to minimize the complexity and risk of accessing, manipulating, sharing, and analyzing data. This is especially true of data analytics, customer relationship management and other areas where business people can be tenacious advocates for bringing in expensive, popular solutions.

To hear the latest on what’s possible with DB2 for i, request an invitation for the CIO Summit.

If you find yourself wondering “Is this possible on IBM i?” and can’t attend the CIO Summit, reach out to us and we can help you find the answers you need.

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