Why PHP on IBM i

A colleague asked me for a catchy quote about why IBM i aficionados should choose PHP. Some thoughts to start with:

1. With PHP you can build your dreams.

2. PHP lets you start simply and grow.

3. PHP combines open source with the stability and support of IBM i.

4. Learn PHP and you’ll gain a skill you can use everywhere, but that you’ll WANT to use on IBM i.

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  1. Sheldon Foster
    Sheldon Foster says:


    I’ve appreciated your tutorials and have gleaned knowledge from you from various forums. My company is at a crossroads. We have taken one piece of our software product and “converted” it from the green-screen to a very nice web-based app and so far so good. We are at a point where we need to phase out the webfacing (and any legacy green-screen) components and move to something else. I’m almost positive we will continue to pursue php but we are concerned about scalability and cost. We are also considering building our apps using jsp instead of php. Any thoughts?

  2. ahmed
    ahmed says:

    is that necessary to use php with zend framework to get the best use of ibm-i project?
    or i can use another framework like laravel ?
    and if i want to start , where can i start ?
    do u suggest some resources for me ?

    best regards

    • Alan Seiden
      Alan Seiden says:

      Ahmed, you don’t need any framework when you start, but when your project starts to grow, a framework will help you maintain it and apply best practices.

      If you are just starting out with PHP, I recommend plain PHP without any framework. Later you will appreciate and understand what frameworks can do, but only after you’ve built a few sites with ordinary PHP.



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