How to prevent Easycom from loading

Several clients have asked me how to prevent their older Easycom components from loading, now that they’ve migrated from the Easycom toolkit to the new open source IBM i Zend toolkit.

Here are instructions based on suggestions from Rod Flohr of Zend Support. These tips have worked for me on Zend Server 5.6 for IBM i and will probably work on older releases as well.

Prevent Easycom extension from being loaded by PHP

1. Go to the Zend Server administration interface in your browser: http://yourIBMi:10088/ZendServer/.

2. Navigate to the Server Setup -> Extensions tab.

3. Find Easycom on the list of extensions. If the extension is On, click the “Turn off” link on the same line to turn it off.

4. You should see this message: “The extension ‘Easycom’ will be turned off after restarting your PHP”. You don’t need to restart PHP now if you plan to do so later, at the end of “Prevent I5_COMD daemon…” (below).

5. Also look for an extension called ‘pdo_easycom,’ which you may see if you had downloaded or purchased the Easycom product directly from the vendor. If it is there, turn it off as well.

Prevent I5_COMD daemon from starting in ZENDSVR

If you see a job named I5_COMD running in the ZENDSVR subsystem, but no longer use the Easycom toolkit, you may wish to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Rename the startup program that launches I5_COMD. From a 5250 command line:


This renaming will “hide” I5_COMD’s startup program from Zend Server’s startup procedure. (Don’t worry—the “missing object” message is monitored—no errors.)

STEP 2: Stop and start Zend Server from the menu. From a 5250 command line:


Use option “2. Stop Zend Server Subsystem”

Verify that subsystem ZENDSVR has ended and that there are no jobs named ZENDSVR in the QHTTPSVR subsystem.

Next, use option “1. Start Zend Server Subsystem.”

Verify that subsystem QHTTPSVR is running and contains the usual ZENDSVR jobs. Verify that subsystem ZENDSVR is started, but without I5_COMD inside.

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  1. Alan Seiden
    Alan Seiden says:

    P.S. If the Easycom extension is enabled when the CW is used, the error “PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare i5_connect()” will occur, because the i5_* functions will have been declared twice (once by CW, once by Easycom).

  2. Beant
    Beant says:


    I am running ZEND and easy-com on IBM1 and it was working fine. All I5_connect functions were working fine.

    Now i logged in today and try running anything with I5_connect and getting error TCP/IP error 32. Not able fo solve it.

    I never saw that I5_COMD job was running in ZENDSERVER subsystem or not but it is nor running now.

    Can you help with this? Also, will this help to use all I5_connect options?

    I am not sure about the license of easy com if this is expired. Please help.

    • Alan Seiden
      Alan Seiden says:

      Beant, try ending and re-starting the ZENDSVR subsystem. See if I5_COMD starts again. If not, try running ZENDSVR/ZCCSTREACD and see if I5_COMD starts.

      To answer your other question, yes, the new toolkit achieves most of the same functionality as Easycom’s toolkit, such as connecting via i5_connect or using our new API; program calls, commands, data areas, etc. Just about everything except SQL and record-level database access.


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