“Internet Options” Window Does Not Open

When my friend reported that her Internet Explorer 6 browser crashed repeatedly, I suggested she delete temporary internet files by clicking Tools/Internet Options. She said, “Nothing happens when I click Tools/Internet Options.”

Tools/Internet Options did not work. No window appeared. Other features, such as Edit/Find, also didn’t work, or didn’t work consistently. I could eventually make these windows appear by clicking various options over several minutes.

I eventually discovered the pattern.
No web page loaded: Tools/Internet Options & Edit/Find did not work.
Any web page loaded: Tools/Internet Options & Edit/Find worked properly.

My PC, which runs the same version of IE (6.0.2900.2180) and Windows (XP Service Pack 2) as my friend’s, does not show the odd behavior described above. My Internet Explorer is willing to show Internet Options and Find any time, even when no web page is loaded.

I’m glad to have found the pattern. We can delete temporary internet files using Tools/Internet Options (after loading a web page). Still, IE’s inconsistent behavior from PC to PC puzzles me. Any explanation from my readers?

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  1. joe
    joe says:

    IE 6. SP1 (not to be confused with XP SP1) has a known problem… contact MS for their Hotfix…
    or if you aren’t using SP1 or if that doesn’t work, then use GPE (group policy editor) to remove the tools/options restrictions…


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