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  1. Brian McQueen says:

    Hello Alan. I am from Vermont Information Processing and met briefly you at VTMUG in 2010. We are in the early stages of doing PHP on the iSeries and I have enjoyed listening to you.

  2. Joao Hypolito says:

    Hello, Alan.
    I am a developer of applications in PHP. Working with PHP connected to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. In a new project, a PostgreSQL client want to migrate applications to DB2. I tried to connect PHP with DB2 and had difficulties. The whole system runs on a server (Web, PHP and Database). I have a PHP script that uses the db2_connect and I get a message “Call to undefined function”. The php.ini file has been changed with the statement: “extension = php_ibm_db2.dll”
    Sorry for the difficulty in the language, I’m from Brazil and I am studying your language.
    If you can help me or point out what I read, I appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  3. Rik Dessers says:

    We are using zenderserver on ISeries and we have a big application that runs php and webservices. Those webservices are consumed by silverlight. But it is really extremely slow. Do you know how to make it faster?

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