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Every year I also create new talks, the slides for which I don’t post immediately, so that user groups may have their exclusive use for a period of time. Here are those I’ve posted:

  • Speed up your web site (web performance first aid)
    • If your web application runs slowly, your reputation and business could suffer.  You need “Web Performance First Aid.” Discussed are free tools that help diagnose performance bottlenecks, tips for configuring a speedy Apache web server, and how to make best use of the unique characteristics of IBM i.
  • At ease! Relax your neck-back-shoulders at the keyboard
    • Tips to help computer workers avoid repetitive strain injury and stay poised at work. Includes how to arrange your computer workstation and learn healthy postural habits. A personal approach that blends my years of work as a professional software developer with my training as a Feldenkrais® teacher. Formerly called Healthy Computing.
  • IBM i: Fertile Ground for PHP Developers
    • The IBM i platform, which evolved from System i, i5, iSeries, and AS/400, is a highly reliable, secure, self-managing, and integrated operating environment with a loyal, devoted following among thousands of businesses. PHP developers who know how to speak “IBM i” will be differentiated in the job market, gaining interesting employment and consulting opportunities. This talk, first presented at the 2012 Northeast PHP Conference, introduces PHP developers to the world of IBM i, covering the basics of this unique platform.
  • Browser tools that make web development easier
    • A departure from my usual PHP talks, I discussed browser-based tools that help with client-side tasks such as performance diagnostics, page analysis, HTTP flow analysis, the ability to step through javascript, and much more. Learn how to become a better web developer with free downloadable browser tools.
  • Web Services on IBM i with PHP and Zend Framework
    • A case study of how I used PHP and Zend Framework’s SOAP capabilities on the IBM i to retrieve data from a Windows-based UPS RoadNet system, integrating the data in a slick-looking web application on the “i”.
  • PHP for Batch Tasks on IBM i
    • PHP is famous for its ability to build web-based front ends, but it’s also a flexible tool to use within batch processes. Marvelous tasks can be achieved by calling PHP from ordinary CL programs and with Job Queue functionality in Zend Server. Starting with a primer on PASE and PHP-CLI, we quickly move on to topics such as creating Excel spreadsheets, sending e-mail, and creating graphical PDF files, all in batch.
  • PHP Case Study on IBM i: 5250 to Web
    • Starting with an update on Zend Server, this presentation shows the transformation of a green-screen order entry application into a new PHP web interface that runs 100% on the IBM i. Included are details of how to re-use most of the back-end RPG logic while adding new functionality that users love.
  • Why Use Zend Framework on IBM i?
    • Updated version of my Zend Framework on IBM i talk. An “i-friendly” introduction to Zend Framework with down-to-earth tips on getting started, best practices, and common-sense explanations of Model-View-Controller and i-specific techniques for accessing RPG and db2.

If your user group or company would be interested in a talk related to PHP, Zend Framework, and IBM i, contact me about speaking for your organization.

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8 Responses to Presentations/Talks

  1. Jeb Bouchard says:

    Our development group has decided to dive into PHP on both the IBM i and the PC worlds. We sat in on one of Alan’s high level sessions at NEUGC. It was well thought out and confirmed that we were heading down the right development path. Alan clearly stepped us through the process to transition from RPG into PHP. I appreciated his encouragement and enthusiasm. We’ve identified our ‘pilot project’ and are looking forward to it! Thanks, Alan! (See you this June at the VT/NH user group meeting!)

  2. Jeb Bouchard says:

    Great job presenting the Zend Framework webinar today. It may be a little too soon for our group to jump in but I see it in our future. Looking forward to seeing you Oct 6 for the VTMUG ( mini conference!

  3. I’ve heard Alan present at both NYPHP and LISUG. He is quite informative, and I have invited him down to LIPHP On June 6th

    If you have the opportunity to hear Alan speak, I’d recommend attending.

  4. Cindy says:

    I recently heard Alan speak at the Omni User Group Day of Education. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge on PHP. If you have an opportunity to hear him speak, I would encourage you to do so.

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  7. lou wilkinson says:

    Watched your slideshow on php-cli…..outstanding presentation.

    I flipped through the slides…took about 20 minutes….I wrote a little
    php script to simply write a timestamp and an “I’m running” comment to a text file.

    Called it from the browser to test that it works, called it interactively as you described in the slides from the 400…check the text file…yep…it’s working.

    another 10 minutes….

    Slammed it all in a CL, ran it in batch….checked the text file…working

    So about 30 minutes investment and I have a working solution….running php
    scripts on my 400 (or system i or iseries or what have you).

    Really clear, really lucid. All meat, no fat.

    Thanks again,

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