Seiden Group is here

We are pleased to announce the start of a re-branding from Alan Seiden Consulting to “Seiden Group,” reflecting our evolution from a one-person consultancy to a team of experts. We still specialize in PHP and open source on IBM i, but now we’ve gained the ability to manage and develop large projects, all while mentoring our clients so that they can become self-sufficient if they so choose. Our range of skills has also broadened to include many complementary areas including RPG, User Experience testing, Git workflow and code review services, and WebSmart (a fine BCD product), which all go nicely with our core PHP expertise. We’re still great at troubleshooting, performance help, DB2 and toolkit connectivity, Zend Server configuration and other core strengths.






We’ll have a booth at ZendCon, October 18-21, 2016. We hope some of you will stop by and meet the wonderful Seiden Group team.

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2 Responses to Seiden Group is here

  1. Jon Paris says:

    Congratulations Alan – sounds like a great resource that we can use to help our customers. Look forward to the opportunity to work with you – and of course if you ever need additional RPG and DB2 resources …

  2. Alan Seiden says:

    Thanks, Jon! Yes, at times we do require additional RPG and DB2. You mean you do more than run wonderful Summit conferences? 😉

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